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Eguana Energy Storage System

Harrison Electric is a proud authorized dealer of Eguana Energy Storage System.

Eguana Technologies
Engineered from the ground up, Eguana Technologies introduces the Evolve, a fully automated home energy storage soluton that maximizes the value of a home owner's solar system investment. Solar self-consumpton is complemented with programmable tme-of-use priority where applicable. When the lights go out in your neighborhood, we've got your critcal loads covered with an integrated back up power solution that keeps your bateries topped up from your rootop solar system.

-Up to 5 kW of generation

-Fully supported grid tied and backup operation with automated transfer.

-Simple, flexible installation fully compatible with leading solar PV system suppliers.

-Industry leading lithium battery technology.

-Automated PV curtailment and load shedding for extended duration grid outages.

-10 year industry standard warranty.